Saturday, 31 December 2011

Patience is key!

So my army is beginning to take shape! I've assembled heads to torso's and torso's to legs and legs to base, Im still to add arms and weapons to give my army half a chance but I'm really loving the way things are taking shape! I finished the below guy, creeping out from his grave, he's recently raised so likely to be a handful and lethal with his weapon!

Hoping to finish assembling tomorrow so I can pop them in for their base spray, while that's drying I may begin to assemble my skelly army. No stopping me now!

Brought my first 'White dwarf' magazine today, the Dec issue, some great tips in there and general stuff to drool over - loving vampire counts but when first choosing the beastmen also caught my eye so may experiment with those in the future!

Making the commitment

So, after painstakingly separating and ensuring my parts are fairly neat looking I'm ready to begin making some actual commitment! What to stick, and where!

Need to keep telling myself I can't really go wrong here, it's my zombie army and can be built exactly how I want them to, without the worry of what legs to put with what torso - etc etc!

Better get cracking then, time to bring my undead back to... Well the undead, I guess!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sticking with it...

After finally setting up my room I faced my first challenge of beginning to build my first Zombie army!

Armed with my cutters, my army (in parts!) and my glue I've assembled my first zombie! And have even given him a base coat!

I've cut all my parts free and arranged them, heads, torso etc and plan to continue, and finish sticking and coating my army tomorrow

I've used the Games workshop skull white spray

And so it begins!

So it begins...

So a tad background info!
I'm a bit of a hobby butterfly, I tend to fly from one thing to another. Usually crafty, artistic etc! I take after my dad for that.

Having tried many things over the years I've settled (for now) on two main crafts.

The first being very new to the world of warhammer! And more specifically, painting.
I'm as new as new can be, I am clueless about this huge world and taking baby steps!
I've not looked into the 'gaming' side of warhammer yet, I'm sticking to my artistic roots and starting to explore the world of painting! Specifically I have fallen in love with the Vampire Counts series.

I practiced with a simple set which consisted of a few citadel paints and a set of 10 Night Goblins...
... The rest, as they say. Is history.
Two weeks after that purchase I'm the proud owner of a (few?!) more paints, and the Vampire Counts Zombies and Skeleton army. That particular journey, begins here.

On a flip to this I'm also working on brushing up my drawing and more so, colouring skills - I own a LOT of promarkers and I'm currently on a journey with these also, which will continue HERE

As for me, well I'm 26, Female, and having plenty of fun in my exploration into the world of paint, colour, fantasy, and imagination.

Im lucky enough to have my own 'room' which has seen one craft after another, and this week, having boxed up my old crafting items, to make way to my new hobby's - my imagination really can begin to add colour!

Feel free to follow - any tips welcome, I really am a beginner!

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