Sunday, 22 April 2012

Giant progress...

Well he's pretty much done to my liking - after some uniform colours and a whole lot of general mould and mud - he's looking like a giant who works pretty hard to catch his dinner!

I still need to work on the base and add some other pieces but as far as the giant himself he is done!
I feel he needs some sort of little diorama? May have to come up with an idea to give my dad for that one - otherwise I know he is working on a large scale haunted style house, I'm wondering if the giant would fit in? Probably a bit big but they are giants after all - and it'll give me an excuse to paint a few more to occupy the dwellings... Who knows!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Progressing the giant

Had another hour with him today and started giving him some fashion sense - I think I'll go with some muddy tatty blood red and purple for what's left of his clothing - he still looks like a new born as washes won't come till last but I'm loving my new little big man!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Giant gains life!

Work in progress but really enjoying painting my giant! Managed to get his flesh and nails painted on - along with his horns and belts, working on his weapon now - cant wait till he's painted and I can start adding some washes to really grubby him up a bit - but for now he is a pleasure to paint!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Creations coming to life

So after my recent post and visit to Warhammer world I've cracked on with some other projects
I still have my vampire counts zombies and skellys to finish off for the gardens that my dad put together but I've fallen fast in love with my new toys below

The Giant was a pleasure to put together - so easy compared to other models and looks fantastic - I think I have a new giant fetish! Spoilt for choice as to how to assemble him
The pictures are of the base sprays done - I have a few bits like dead animals I want to hang from the giants belt but I wanted to paint those before I stuck them down

Isabella has finally been put together and I shall be using warbosstae's tutorial to paint her

And also my new challenge are the fine cast squiggs! Who look great but really will need some time and care to get the best out of them

All in all I'm pretty occupied now for a while!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Drum roll! Gardens of the dead!

So I need to finish up some more army's, but my dad has finished the Gardens and now has pride of place in my hobby room! It does need more population but it's picked up my interest in my figures again because it's starting to look great!

Pics below!

It's alive!

Phew! So it's been a while but I've still had hand in the hobby!

My dad and I visited Warhammer world in Nottingham today - I must admit, as a painter and shopper and not a gamer I was quite unimpressed - dont get me wrong, the figures painted in the cabinets were amazing, and as a gamer I'm sure it's brilliant - but I'd say the 'shop' was no better than my local store for what they had to look at, I know the warehouse is literally just next door but I would have expected more figures to buy on display...never fear though I have some new projects to keep me going....

Can't wait to Get cracking on these bad boys!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Still here - just slowly

I haven't been neglecting my hobby - have been pretty busy with other life's things, work etc - I'm currently nearly finished my skeleton army - I wanted to showcase these as one finished army rather than individually - I've enjoyed that challenge of them but must admit they have been really tricky with such tiny detailing and sometimes it's been really hard to identify what's what - I'm happy with them so far and think they look great but I wouldn't be getting another set - I kind of figured they would be tricky when I was assembling them as that was also a difficult task!

I still have some zombies and Isabella to finish and potentially a corpse cart coming my way - and my birthday in May might lead me onto potentially looking at the beastmen sets

I'm also contemplating some ideas for my other blog/hobby with my promarkers - all in all I need to reach retirement age so I have more time to work on my hobbies lol

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pleasure pain theory...

Finally at long last I've managed to assemble my vampire counts skeleton army!
The delay has been a mix between my love for painting my zombies and the sheer frustration of trying to stick these little buggers together - id imagine these are going to require some more concentration to paint the small details so I'll probably start with warbosstae's
Tutorial and go from there

They do look fab but I'm not sure I'd venture on another box of them yet. However I may change my mind once I start painting!

They have had their skull white base coat and are ready for action

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two more to join the ranks!


Originally the first zombie I painted was my favourite, but a new zombie has stolen my heart!

Have finished my 3rd and 4th undead and now beginning to look like a pretty hardcore horde!

I'm glad I have a skelly army to work on as I can imagine the 16 more zombies I have would get slightly repetitive - however as I was able to build them how I like, their all very different anyway so I'm happy to have more to paint!

I'm keeping a uniform colour of blues/greens and browns for clothing.

My new favourite zombie is my collector, as I call him. He's a blood thirsty trophy hunter and as you can see, has his collection very much started! With a decaying human head and the top half of somebody's husband, father or brother... He's a pretty happy zombie! So am I - he took longer for the details but well worth the effort, even with the nails hammered into his weapon, think it really improves the model

Anyway, enough talk, as usual pictures and videos below

3rd zombie:

The collector:

Saturday, 14 January 2012


So after watching several videos of people painting warhammer figures I decided to try a method a little different from what I've been using;

With my previous two zombie figures I've painted each colour with precision! Ensuring its perfect before moving into the next colour touching it - if I went back over the colour previous, I'd redo that and then move on - etc etc

Well on my latest zombie I went for a style id watched on a few videos, just getting the colours in the right places with no real caution and then tidying up later...

And the result? I'm sticking with my slow and steady method! It was really frustrating and seemingly slower doing it the latter, and felt really 'out of order' skipping from shoes to shirt to skin etc

Spent three hours on a figure today and not finished yet, should get it done tomorrow and hopefully another one too

Pics and video tomorrow

Imagination has no ability to wait!

So... I crumbled to the new vampire counts releases - believe me if have brought one of every vampire counts release by now and probably the beastmen too but I'm trying not to dive head first into this hobby - despite so far feeling that this ones a keeper

So I'm still assembling my skelly army and painting up my zombie army - I'm limited to weekends for painting as I work and commute far so I'm never back before 6pm despite leaving for work at 7am - by the time I'm back and fed and watered and entertained the dog it's too late and I'm too tired to paint - so as far as production, it's all fairly slow, but I like to think its quality over quantity with my work!

I did manage to pick up the finecast Isabella von carstein model - and she does look amazing! It's likely she will sit and watch me paint my others before I touch her, hopefully developing my skills before I get to her

So - for now - back to painting, my
Zombies await!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A growing army

Zombie number two has been raised!

Similar methods to previously - I really feel the washes make the most of the vampire counts mini's - they really bring life (or death) to the zombies!

As ever I enjoyed this poor soul as I painted - found myself making less mistakes with the brush (invester in better brushes!) and can feel the confidence in me building - still taking things slowly though, this one took about two and a half hours - I'm really keen to try and reach a high standard with the painting - but for my
Second ever figure, I'm pleased.
Bases on both models are not finished, I'm waiting for some materials to be delivered which I think should put a finishing touch to the work

I added some dry brushing to the club to pick out the highlights - I also used some gloss on his wounds to really have them shine like a fresh wound - I like the effect

Growing with this figure as with the first I used the tutorial on YouTube by WarBossTae and copied colours etc and even used the same model - this one I built and chose colours etc myself, the hair I wasn't sure I could make look very good - I might change later but I think for now it suits the model