Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Creations coming to life

So after my recent post and visit to Warhammer world I've cracked on with some other projects
I still have my vampire counts zombies and skellys to finish off for the gardens that my dad put together but I've fallen fast in love with my new toys below

The Giant was a pleasure to put together - so easy compared to other models and looks fantastic - I think I have a new giant fetish! Spoilt for choice as to how to assemble him
The pictures are of the base sprays done - I have a few bits like dead animals I want to hang from the giants belt but I wanted to paint those before I stuck them down

Isabella has finally been put together and I shall be using warbosstae's tutorial to paint her

And also my new challenge are the fine cast squiggs! Who look great but really will need some time and care to get the best out of them

All in all I'm pretty occupied now for a while!

1 comment:

  1. I see what you mean about the giant - he is great! A little army of them would be nice.
    Glad to see you got Isabella together - superglue works dont it ...
    The Squigg will look good when painted - he is a cutie in an ugly way.
    Nice to see a clean cutting mat :)