Sunday, 15 April 2012

Giant gains life!

Work in progress but really enjoying painting my giant! Managed to get his flesh and nails painted on - along with his horns and belts, working on his weapon now - cant wait till he's painted and I can start adding some washes to really grubby him up a bit - but for now he is a pleasure to paint!


  1. he is quite lifelike and the colouring is crisp and clear however it is correct that a giant should not appear to have recently bathed.

    a healthy dose of grubby and perhaps some drool would be more ...giantish (if that is a word)

  2. As he is a newborn ill allow him to look pretty fresh and clean but it won't be for long, he shall be his grubby self soon enough :) if giantish isn't a word it now should be!