Sunday, 19 February 2012

Still here - just slowly

I haven't been neglecting my hobby - have been pretty busy with other life's things, work etc - I'm currently nearly finished my skeleton army - I wanted to showcase these as one finished army rather than individually - I've enjoyed that challenge of them but must admit they have been really tricky with such tiny detailing and sometimes it's been really hard to identify what's what - I'm happy with them so far and think they look great but I wouldn't be getting another set - I kind of figured they would be tricky when I was assembling them as that was also a difficult task!

I still have some zombies and Isabella to finish and potentially a corpse cart coming my way - and my birthday in May might lead me onto potentially looking at the beastmen sets

I'm also contemplating some ideas for my other blog/hobby with my promarkers - all in all I need to reach retirement age so I have more time to work on my hobbies lol