Sunday, 19 February 2012

Still here - just slowly

I haven't been neglecting my hobby - have been pretty busy with other life's things, work etc - I'm currently nearly finished my skeleton army - I wanted to showcase these as one finished army rather than individually - I've enjoyed that challenge of them but must admit they have been really tricky with such tiny detailing and sometimes it's been really hard to identify what's what - I'm happy with them so far and think they look great but I wouldn't be getting another set - I kind of figured they would be tricky when I was assembling them as that was also a difficult task!

I still have some zombies and Isabella to finish and potentially a corpse cart coming my way - and my birthday in May might lead me onto potentially looking at the beastmen sets

I'm also contemplating some ideas for my other blog/hobby with my promarkers - all in all I need to reach retirement age so I have more time to work on my hobbies lol


  1. As you will not be playing the GW games then stick to single figures like isabella for showcase items. More than 3 of the same type of figure can get very boring quickly.
    As for the Corpse Cart - you have to win the challenge I set you first :)

  2. Yes - you are right I should stick to the single figures and not whole armies - there's still some great single figures in the vampire counts range but also the other ranges too so still plenty to work with

  3. .... and dont forget you can do cowboys too :) - or even horror figures. Foundry do some nice Undead also:
    Cheaper than GW and the sculptors are ex GW.

  4. They looks great - like the streets violence sets! Defiantly going to stick with individuals and not army's all of the same
    Will order from that site for birthday - be nice to have some new models - good prices too - love the misfits trude girls in the street violence section

  5. cowboy zombies = reminds me of Darkwatch