Sunday, 22 April 2012

Giant progress...

Well he's pretty much done to my liking - after some uniform colours and a whole lot of general mould and mud - he's looking like a giant who works pretty hard to catch his dinner!

I still need to work on the base and add some other pieces but as far as the giant himself he is done!
I feel he needs some sort of little diorama? May have to come up with an idea to give my dad for that one - otherwise I know he is working on a large scale haunted style house, I'm wondering if the giant would fit in? Probably a bit big but they are giants after all - and it'll give me an excuse to paint a few more to occupy the dwellings... Who knows!


  1. That is very good! Well done. Good detail and shading.
    As for the haunted house - I think you said he is 13cm high? - if so his head would come halfway up the second storey.
    So - it could be that the giants have taken over the building for some reason?

  2. I have spotted what looks like a raised seam mark on the back of the left upper arm. These need to be smoothed out before painting and any gaps along seams filled in with something like "green stuff".

  3. Naughty colours so far, and great idea with the vid, keep smiling :)