Saturday, 14 January 2012


So after watching several videos of people painting warhammer figures I decided to try a method a little different from what I've been using;

With my previous two zombie figures I've painted each colour with precision! Ensuring its perfect before moving into the next colour touching it - if I went back over the colour previous, I'd redo that and then move on - etc etc

Well on my latest zombie I went for a style id watched on a few videos, just getting the colours in the right places with no real caution and then tidying up later...

And the result? I'm sticking with my slow and steady method! It was really frustrating and seemingly slower doing it the latter, and felt really 'out of order' skipping from shoes to shirt to skin etc

Spent three hours on a figure today and not finished yet, should get it done tomorrow and hopefully another one too

Pics and video tomorrow

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  1. Nothing wrong with experimenting. You will eventually arrive at your own style.
    Time taken isnt really a bother either - your spare time is your own.
    As long as you are enjoying it then that is all that matters. When it gets a bit of a chore then take a break and get out your Promarkers and do something else.