Saturday, 14 January 2012

Imagination has no ability to wait!

So... I crumbled to the new vampire counts releases - believe me if have brought one of every vampire counts release by now and probably the beastmen too but I'm trying not to dive head first into this hobby - despite so far feeling that this ones a keeper

So I'm still assembling my skelly army and painting up my zombie army - I'm limited to weekends for painting as I work and commute far so I'm never back before 6pm despite leaving for work at 7am - by the time I'm back and fed and watered and entertained the dog it's too late and I'm too tired to paint - so as far as production, it's all fairly slow, but I like to think its quality over quantity with my work!

I did manage to pick up the finecast Isabella von carstein model - and she does look amazing! It's likely she will sit and watch me paint my others before I touch her, hopefully developing my skills before I get to her

So - for now - back to painting, my
Zombies await!

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  1. Good idea - get more experienced before you touch her - she will appreciate it! .....