Monday, 2 January 2012

Zombie one - officially raised!

So my first real attempt at warhammer figure painting and my first Zombie from my forthcoming army is officially raised from the dead and ready to be joined by other unlucky souls!

It took ages! A good 2/3 hours work but I really wanted to perfect what I could and pay plenty of attention to detail - I've been so impressed by some works I've seen online and really want to work towards such brilliant painting results

A few pictures below and a HD vid just because it picks up details better than the pics

The colours used:
Dheneb stone
Tallarn flesh
Shadow grey
Karmi brow
Chaos black
Calthan brown
Scorched brown
Experimented with all of the washes in the range

I'm always welcoming to constructive feedback and tips! I'm here to learn :-)

Huge credit to WarbossTae - YouTube him for some excellent tutorials and paint work. Used his zombie tutorial and likely to do the same with my skelly army!


  1. That is really very good.
    'twas also a good idea to use the HD vid as, at 1080, the detail really stands out.
    3 hours very well spent - well done :)
    Might I suggest that you resize the still images to 600 on the longer side before posting - 316 is a little small. It will make it better for the viewers. There are free progs that can do this "resizer" is one such tool.

  2. .. that is 316 on the longer side and let the smaller side set itself in proportion.

  3. I don't think or know how to change the sizes as the pictures are taken from my phone and uploaded through the blogger app - I will probably use more video as its HD and picks details out clearer, I'll look into the size of photos on the computer