Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two more to join the ranks!


Originally the first zombie I painted was my favourite, but a new zombie has stolen my heart!

Have finished my 3rd and 4th undead and now beginning to look like a pretty hardcore horde!

I'm glad I have a skelly army to work on as I can imagine the 16 more zombies I have would get slightly repetitive - however as I was able to build them how I like, their all very different anyway so I'm happy to have more to paint!

I'm keeping a uniform colour of blues/greens and browns for clothing.

My new favourite zombie is my collector, as I call him. He's a blood thirsty trophy hunter and as you can see, has his collection very much started! With a decaying human head and the top half of somebody's husband, father or brother... He's a pretty happy zombie! So am I - he took longer for the details but well worth the effort, even with the nails hammered into his weapon, think it really improves the model

Anyway, enough talk, as usual pictures and videos below

3rd zombie:

The collector:

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  1. Getting better and better - cant wait to see the 20th :)

    Hows about putting some sound on the vids? - background music or even, gasp, a sound bite of you....