Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Inspiration and reasoning

One of the main reasons I'm such a hobby butterfly is my dad! He's always been the same and now I proudly follow in his footsteps!
A big plus for me painting the warhammer fantasy figures is not only because of how great they can look, but so I can join forces with my dad!

He currently making the diorama for my VC range, starting with a haunted house and I'm sure I'll get him to expand it into a graveyard scene and then once the vampire counts models have their home - I have ideas for the Beastmen armies to live in some dark woodland areas....

So my dad builds his models from scratch, and has a blog as mentioned above with the progress of his haunted house... These two blogs will likely run together so thought it was worth adding the link - plus I'm super impressed with all his work, and I just know this house is going to look fantastic!


  1. Lol - a clickable link would have been nice :)

  2. You be funning with me - it may be a link but it says "BLOG HERE" which just looks like a heading and wont be clicked on ... kids - huh!

  3. your hard to please! - done now! - parents - huh!

  4. Thank you - daughters ...... lovely :)