Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sticky bones..

That was certainly some of the least fun I've had so far!
A challenge in itself is assembling a skeleton army! Very tricky sticking virtually nothing to nothing! Not much contact made for the stick so it was really tricky and somewhat frustrating!

I managed to get the one fully assembled and a few of the legs down to the bases, I'll continue tomorrow

Wanted to get the skelly army assembled so I could flip between painting my zombies and skellys for some variety - just hope the glue does its job!

Picture below - seems pretty solid so should stay that way


  1. They look pretty good. As the plastic cememt you are using actually "melts and welds" at the join they should be solid enough.

  2. those are really nice - the zombies are good and I like the sticky bones skellies.

    talent runs in the family eh?

  3. Thanks for your comment Jim - I'm favouring the zombies but after the frustration of getting the skeletons assembled they do look pretty cool

    Think we like to share the talent between us lol