Sunday, 8 January 2012

A growing army

Zombie number two has been raised!

Similar methods to previously - I really feel the washes make the most of the vampire counts mini's - they really bring life (or death) to the zombies!

As ever I enjoyed this poor soul as I painted - found myself making less mistakes with the brush (invester in better brushes!) and can feel the confidence in me building - still taking things slowly though, this one took about two and a half hours - I'm really keen to try and reach a high standard with the painting - but for my
Second ever figure, I'm pleased.
Bases on both models are not finished, I'm waiting for some materials to be delivered which I think should put a finishing touch to the work

I added some dry brushing to the club to pick out the highlights - I also used some gloss on his wounds to really have them shine like a fresh wound - I like the effect

Growing with this figure as with the first I used the tutorial on YouTube by WarBossTae and copied colours etc and even used the same model - this one I built and chose colours etc myself, the hair I wasn't sure I could make look very good - I might change later but I think for now it suits the model


  1. Have to keep off those drugs - your hands shake like a 15 year old in a house of ill repute!

  2. Just a tip: Use Distilled water for your washes or drop a very very very small amount of washing up liquid into a bottle of water and use that. It will break the surface tension and make the water flow into the folds etc better.